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5 Things to Think About Before Buying a Used Car

5 Things to Think About Before Buying a Used Car

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Looking to buy a used car in Houston, Texas? Find your dream vehicle at the right price with help from Mi Amigo Motors today. Call 832-500-3138 to find out more.

Quality used cars and in house financing for buyers with bad credit. 

The popularity of used cars has never been greater. In fact, America’s used marketplace is now worth over $160b, showing a healthy growth of 4.7% over last year. Before looking for used cars for sale near me, I have found that it’s imperative that I start the search armed with good advice. 

When looking for used cars for sale in Houston Texas, use the following checklist for guidance and you can’t go wrong.

#1. What do you want from a used car?

When searching for cars for sale in Houston, it is vital that the vehicle delivers practical and reliable transportation at a price you can afford. Otherwise, you will inevitably need to make another costly replacement or upgrade far sooner than you planned for.

While some drivers will benefit from a compact city car, large families may require a 7-seater. Alternatively, you may desire an SUV to handle off-road terrain or a work truck to serve as your business vehicle.

No two drivers are the same, which is why your vehicle must be aligned to your personal needs. Think about this carefully as it will narrow your search for your next used car purchase.

#2. What is the best place to find used cars for sale in Houston?

Making a list of suitable models is the first step to success. However, it is even more important to consider where you buy your used car. In most cases, you will have a wide range of private sellers and used car dealers to choose from. So how do you narrow down your options?

Private sales may seem like a good idea at first, especially if you can negotiate a reduced price. However, you won’t be covered by the FTC used car rule like you would when buying from a reputable used car dealer in Houston. Also any good car dealer has a track record and customer reviews that you can reference. This allows you to see what others' experiences have been when buying a used car from this dealer. Finally, you will be able to create a great relationship with your local used car dealer that you can leverage when it is time to trade-in or upgrade your used car.   

Choosing a reputable dealership like Mi Amigo Motors enables you to gain a lifetime of expert assistance through your partnership with us. You will feel very comfortable referring friends and family to buy their used cars here. Just take a look at our Google reviews.

Additionally, If you need financing and have been denied because of bad credit, Mi Amigo Motors can help get you financed when other dealers can not.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you. 

#3. How much will the car cost you in total?

Let’s face it; saving money is one of the top incentives for buying a used car over a new one. Therefore, it’s imperative that you look beyond the price tag and consider the additional operational costs. 

Needless to say, the number one factor is reliability. If you have to pay for costly repairs soon after you purchase a used car you are not saving money. Choose your used car dealer carefully. They will help you find a great reliable car and be there if there are issues. Car insurance, maintenance, and rising fuel costs are just three of the standard ongoing expenses that need to be considered. Make sure your budget takes into account all of these items. 

Used cars remain a significant purchase, which is why researching your car financing options will be vital too. Interest rates, down payments and maintenance plans are very complicated. Be sure you have full trust in your dealer and can feel comfortable asking questions. A good used car dealer is open to addressing any concern you may have until you are confident with your purchase. If they are not, you should find another dealer.   

When you do your research, and feel like your used car dealer is on your team, you can purchase your used car in Houston, TX, with far greater confidence.

#4. What condition is the used car in?

Most used car buyers opt for a vehicle that is 3-5 years old, although the market for younger vehicles has grown thanks to people trading in their leased models. In theory, newer models should encounter fewer issues but this is not always the case. It really depends on how the previous owner treated the vehicle. Buying from someone on the internet has significant risks not only to your safety but the reliability of the car you are buying. 

Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you inspect the vehicle before completing your purchase. You should closely inspect the bodywork, tires, windshield, trunk, interior, and other key features. A great tip is to request the CARFAX for the vehicle. This report has a wealth of information for you to review. Of course, taking a test drive should be on the agenda as well. 

A good used car dealer will have done a comprehensive inspection before they bought the car to be sure they are selling a reliable vehicle. A private seller is just trying to unload whatever they have to whomever they can for the most amount of money possible.

Reputable used car dealers will be happy for you to have a mechanic look at the vehicle as well. If they don’t, the alarm bells should ring.

#5. Documentation

When buying a used car, a deep understanding of the vehicle’s history is vital. Therefore, it’s important that you ask for the right documentation, starting with a log book of previous owners. If the car only has one previous owner, that’s a good sign. 

You will also need to know that the mileage is accurate and low. Proof of annual servicing throughout the duration of ownership is another feature that can serve you well. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind. Again, the CARFAX report will give you this information

Take the first step to finding your dream used car by scheduling an appointment at Mi Amigo Motors today. Finding the perfect vehicle starts here.

How Can I get a car Loan with a 500 credit score

How can I get a Car Loan with a 500 credit score?

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Need to buy a better vehicle but have a low credit score? Discover your finance agreements and gain pre-qualified status with Mi Amigo Motors today.

Contact Mi Amigo Motors to ask about auto financing with low credit scores 

Outside of a property, buying a car is one of the biggest purchases that anybody ever makes, which is why it’s likely that you’ll buy yours with an automotive financing company. However, getting a car with bad credit can feel like a daunting task.

The harsh reality is that low credit score car loans can be difficult to find. Fortunately, there are options for finding the best car loan for bad credit. A little bit of research and a call to Mi Amigo Motors will get you into the perfect vehicle easier than you think.

Boost your credit score

One way to improve your chances of getting approved anywhere is to of course, boosting your credit. If you want to buy your vehicle in the next few days, there isn’t enough time to boost your credit score, but if you plan on getting a car loan later in the year, time is still on your side. Access your free annual credit score and make the necessary changes to rebuild it. If you see erroneous information on your report you can contest it and possibly get it removed. Even if you boost it by 50 points, it could strengthen your position with a lender. The benefits will extend to other forms of lending that you may seek over the coming years as well.

How do I find financing for used cars for sale near me?

Finance agreements aren’t restricted to new cars. Opting for a used model will bring the cost of the car down, which will boost your chances of getting a car with bad credit. Here at Mi Amigo, we boast an extensive range of used vehicles for all driving preferences. Every driver deserves a practical car that they’ll love driving. Contact Mi Amigo Motors and inquire about our special offer for buyers with troubled credit.

Save for your down payment

Your down payment amount can make a big difference when looking at low credit score car loans for two main reasons. Firstly, it means that you will be asking for a smaller loan. Secondly, the loan-to-value (LTV) rate will be lower, which also increases the probability of acceptance. Whether you’re trading in an old vehicle or paying an extra $1,000 in cash, the increased down payment will serve you well.

Know what you can afford

When applying for a low credit score car finance agreement, the lender will want to compare the monthly payments against your current financial situation. So, calculating what you can afford to pay will enable you to apply for a car loan without stepping into financial hardship. Along with the vehicle cost and monthly payments, you should consider the insurance, maintenance, and other costs. After all, there’s little point in getting a car you cannot afford in the long run.

Seek pre-approval

Applying for a car loan when you know your credit rating is low can be stressful. Therefore, opting for pre-qualification is a great way to get an idea of what you already qualify for. This means that you and your car dealer will know what price range to look for as you shop for your next used car.  It covers both the maximum amount of the loan as well as the monthly terms so that you know what you are looking at before you purchase a used car.

Once you have this figure in mind, you can shop freely to find a car that suits your budget.

If you want to learn more about getting a car with bad credit, get in touch with the Mi Amigo team today. Schedule a free one-on-one consultation to see how we can help you get into a great used car today!

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